Climbing comes with sweaty hands – from excitement, fear, or exhaustion! In climbing, you get to overcome your fears, leave your comfort zone, and learn to focus on every movement of your body. It is not only about strength, you use your body efficiently and work on your coordination and breath. While climbing, it is easy to fully let go of any stress and worries from your daily routine.

Rock Climbing is an increasingly popular sport, practised indoors or outdoor, gaining in popularity worldwide. It is a both physically and mentally challenging activity, that requires knowledge on equipment and technique to be practiced independently.

Find out more about the different types of climbing.

*In our retreats we offer top rope climbing for all participants, under guidance of an internationally certified instructor. For more experienced climbers we focus on technique and projecting strategies.

If you want to start your climbing journey indoors, book an introductory climbing session at Magic Mountain climbing gym Berlin and ask for Vera!