Kids Yoga

Yoga is literally for everyone. And the younger you start – the better!

Studies have shown that mindfulness and yoga in schools reduces anxiety in children, helps them to focus better, and improves their conflict behaviour (Napoli, Drech, and Holley, 2005).

There is a number of Yoga games and practices that are adapted to children’s needs and allows them to discover Yoga in a fun and interesting way: Dream travel, climbing monkeys, yoga safari, and so on… Every session has its own theme and will help the children to center, express their thoughts and feelings, and learn how to move their body.

Whether you are a teacher, head of a school, yogi practitioner yourself or simply an interested parent, please contact us for more information and appointments. We are happy to design an example itinerary for you and your group.

How Yoga improves Kids’ performance at school:



83% improved FOCUS

What we can offer

Project days

  • Introduction to Yoga
  • Relaxing visualization
  • Acrobatics for Kids
  • Breathing exercises against anxiety and for better focus
  • Yoga exercises for body awareness and coordination
  • Yoga session focused on specific theme, e.g. compassion, healthy eating, nature